Interesting Read: Taking it Slow

Shout out to all the ‘slow-typists’ out there! A study from the University of Waterloo shows that typing slowly may improve the quality of your writing. Particularly, a slower speed seems to augment the sophistication of one’s vocabulary, as writers have more time to think about and be selective in choosing a word when they […]

Interesting Read: Exclamation Points

Linguist Geoff Lunberg investigates the varying (and sometimes extreme) opinions surrounding the exclamation point. According to his research, women actually use the punctuation more than men, and both corporate and educational codes generally ban its use with little justification other than prescriptive rules of taste. Lunberg makes an argument for why we should all be […]

Interesting Reads: Screens Versus Paper

Do you find that you engage differently with material based on how you encounter it? Do you think that “internet reading” is caused by screens themselves, or can we train our minds to engage onscreen text with the same “deep reading” that is traditionally associated with the “paper brain?” Read this brief article and examine […]

Interesting Reads: Writing Down Your Goals

Feeling stuck in your academics? Simply writing down your big picture and specific goals can help you develop day by day strategies to accomplish those goals! Read more about it from NPR here.

Literary Landmarks

If you could be transported to the location of your favorite novel, where would you go? What would you love to see in person, not just in your mind’s eye? In Writing America: Literary Landmarks From Walden Pond to Wounded Knee, author Shelley Fisher Fishkin looks at just that — literary landmarks and how the places authors wrote […]

Finding Focus

With spring break right around the corner, focus can be hard to find this time of the semester. If you find you’re spending 5 minutes on Facebook for every two minutes spent studying, these tips are for you!

Most Read Book

With spring break right around the corner, you might be looking for a good book or two. Check this out!

Missing Out

Yesterday we shared a post from our archives about whether or not it’s best to take notes by hand or by computer. As a follow-up, we wanted to share an article from the Harvard Business Review about what exactly you miss when you take notes by computer – it turns out, you might miss out on a lot. “But is […]

From the Archives: Laptop or Longhand?

            We’ve recently come across a few articles that speak to the technology-age old question: pen and paper or computer? Should I fill notebooks and binders with my handwritten notes? Or maybe I should click away on the keys during a lecture? A recent study found that students remembered lectures […]

“Mysterious Origins of Punctuation”

We all know that punctuation saves lives, but have you ever wondered where the comma came from? What about the history of the semi-colon? The BBC recently shared an interesting article about the Mysterious Origins of Punctuation and it’s definitely worth a read. “The comma, colon, semicolon and their siblings are integral parts of writing, pointing […]