From the Archives: Speaking of Stance

We’re digging in the archives today and wanted to again share a wonderful piece written by Writing Program faculty member Phoebe Zerwick. I’ve been talking with my students all semester about stance. It’s a tough concept to explain. How does a writer find the balance between argument and tone that works for the audience? This […]

Slavery, Politics, and English Grammar

In his essay “Politics and the English Language,” George Orwell made plain the ways in which those in power use language and grammar to obfuscate, conceal and abdicate responsibility. Grammar remains as political as ever, as Ellen Bresler Rockmore, a lecturer in the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric at Dartmouth, makes clear in her op-ed […]

Heard It Here

        This semester, Prof. Phoebe Zerwick’s community journalism students are getting out there and sharing the stories of Winston-Salem through a brand new website called Heard it Here. Within the first few weeks of the semester, students have written articles about various Winston celebrations and events, upcoming initiatives in the city, and neighbors […]

International Literacy Day

Yesterday was International Literacy Day and Grammarly celebrated by sharing some great information. Check it out below.

Reflections from a Graduating Tutor

“My time at the writing center has really shaped how I view myself as a writer, and writing in general. Everyone needs to learn how to write well–it doesn’t matter if you’re going into business, science, literature, or something else, being able to clearly express your thoughts to others is a necessity in every field. […]

Better Business Writing

Good writing is not reserved for the English classroom these days. According to a recent article in Time, the business world is starting to pay more attention to the writing skills of their current (and potential) employees. “Consider a recent Grammarly study of 100 LinkedIn profiles. In the same 10-year period, professionals who received one to […]

Writing in the Sciences

Think writing is only important for folks going into English? Think again. An increasing number of professors in the sciences are realizing the importance of teaching budding biologists, physicists, and chemists how to write. According to a recent article in The Atlantic, “Science requires an increasingly large amount of writing, whether researchers do it through articles […]

National Geographic Feature

Our amazing Phoebe Zerwick (associate teaching professor in the writing program) recently had an article published in National Geographic. In “Fleeing the War, ” Phoebe shares the story of a family who fled from Syria and is now building a new life in Greensboro. It’s a wonderful piece that brings a human element to the war-torn country […]

Grammarly’s Top 6 Grammar Mistakes

What would you say are your most frequent grammar mistakes? Check out Grammarly’s list of the Top 6 Common College Grammar Mistakes. And if you find yourself struggling with these issues (or more), you can always make an appointment with us!

Still Searching for a Valentine?

Still looking for that perfect valentine? According to a recent (totally unscientific) article by Elite Daily, if you’re looking for a lover, you might want to find someone with a book in their hand. “Ever finished a book? I mean, truly finished one? Cover to cover. Closed the spine with that slow awakening that comes […]