The case of (and for) they

It’s becoming more common to encounter the third-person singular they online and in news reports.  Other formulations gaining usage include s/he, he/she, and he or she—combinations all designed to avoid bias in reporting and binary conceptions of gender and sexuality. However, the situation in academic writing is less clear.  No consensus exists amongst the recommendations […]

Word of the Week

cacoethes, n. “An evil habit.” “Jake’s cacoethes of talking out of turn caused a number of distractions in the classroom.” “cacoethes, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, March 2017. Web. 31 May 2017.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back Deacons! We are now open (with limited hours) and we can’t wait to see you! We will open with our full staff on Sunday Sept. 11. Feel free to visit our schedule to make an appointment.

Wednesday’s Word of the Week

coterie, n. 1. “An organized association of persons for political, social, or other purposes; a club” 2. “A circle of persons associated together and distinguished from ‘outsiders’, a ‘set’” “A coterie of the candidate’s supporters worked hard to make sure the rally was a success.” “coterie, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, December 2015. Web. 24 February 2016.  

From the Archives: Laptop or Longhand?

            We’ve recently come across a few articles that speak to the technology-age old question: pen and paper or computer? Should I fill notebooks and binders with my handwritten notes? Or maybe I should click away on the keys during a lecture? A recent study found that students remembered lectures […]

Tuesday’s Tip (from the archives): Zotero

Today’s tip (from our archives) comes from the eLearning librarian at ZSR Library, Kyle Denlinger. When I think back on all the research papers I wrote when I was in college, I’m struck by the countless hours I must have spent organizing, formatting, and proofreading my citations and bibliographies. Those were the dark ages. You […]

Wednesday’s Word of the Week: Winter Edition

  National Geographic published three winter words that you should know. Make sure to read up on these – don’t get caught in the snow!  

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Writing

Writing teachers talk about revision, discipline, and the recursive nature of the writing process. Here’s a new way to frame what we mean. “It’s not really that mystical. It’s like repeated practice over and over and you suddenly become something you had no idea you could be,” says Ta-Nehisi Coates, a national correspondent for The […]

Wednesday’s Word of the Week: Halloween Edition

sciomancy, n. “Divination through communication with the spirits of the dead.” “She tried sciomancy and a ouija board to predict her grade in the course.” “sciomancy, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, September 2014. Web. 29 October 2014. Want more spooky words? Check out this link.

Heard It Here

        This semester, Prof. Phoebe Zerwick’s community journalism students are getting out there and sharing the stories of Winston-Salem through a brand new website called Heard it Here. Within the first few weeks of the semester, students have written articles about various Winston celebrations and events, upcoming initiatives in the city, and neighbors […]