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Wednesday’s Word of the Week

argute, adj. “Of persons, faculties, actions, etc.: Quick, sharp, keen, subtle, shrewd, esp. in small matters.” “He enjoyed talking to her because she was an argute conversationalist and could keep up with his wit.”  

Who Will Watch the Watchers?

Today’s post comes from Dr. Gellar-Goad, Assistant Professor of Classical Languages You’ve probably heard this potent rhetorical question somewhere.  It’s the slogan behind the famous comics-turned-movie Watchmen[1], it’s the title of an episode of Star Track: Next Generation[2] and of a Hitler novel by Edwin Fadiman[3], and it’s quoted by pundits across[4] the political spectrum[5], […]

“First-Year College Writing Courses Matter”

A recent opinion article from a news source out of Cleveland claimed just that: “first-year college writing courses matter.” The author went on to share the benefits college students gain from their first-year writing courses saying that, “good things happen in First-Year Writing classes. And none of them involves a red pen.” “Through the give-and-take […]

Welcome to Fall 2015!

Whether you’re starting your first week of classes as a first-year student or you’re back for your final year (or a victory lap), we are so glad to have you here for a brand new semester! We’re getting ready to open the center with limited hours on Monday August 31, and we will have the new schedule […]

Wednesday’s Word of the Week

                  accismus, n. “The pretended refusal of something one keenly desires.” “He pretended to hardly notice her, trying not to catch her eye during WRI 111. It may seem that he didn’t like her, but in reality, he really wanted to ask if she’d be his valentine.” “accismus, […]

Tuesday’s Tip

Friday Flashback

Happy Friday Wake Forest! Here’s a peek at our week. – Monday, in conjunction with ZSR, we shared some great research hacks. – On Tuesday, we shared some cool writing tips for NaNoWriMo. – We added another word to you vocabulary on Wednesday. – Thursday we shared a few yoga exercises you can do at […]

Wednesday’s Word of the Week

                    gallimaufry, n. “A dish made by hashing up odds and ends of food; a hodge-podge, a ragout.” “Using what she had on hand, she was able to cook up a delicious gallimaufry that would have impressed even the most experienced chef.” “gallimaufry, n.” OED Online. Oxford University […]

Contemplative Pedagogy?

            Folks at WFU, including faculty in the Writing Program, are gearing up to celebrate contemplative pedagogy with a few upcoming events focused on that topic. But what exactly is contemplative pedagogy? According to professor Eric Stottlemyer: Contemplative pedagogy incorporates the practices of meditation and introspection in the classroom in order to […]