For the Love of Writing

Posted on: March 20, 2014

13286985725_082d3c52b5_bWe received this card through  #wcconfidential, and we couldn’t agree more! Our tutors feel the same way and a few wanted to share their reasons why.

Laure: “I love writing because, as a process, it helps me organize and articulate my thoughts. It allows me to explore problems or ideas that interest me.”

Kristin: “I love writing because it provides an outlet for my creative energy. I find the process rewarding and fulfilling, and writing ‘for fun’ can be therapeutic as well. As someone who often struggles to eloquently express my thoughts verbally, I find writing to be a helpful alternative.”

Nicole: “I love writing because it is a cathartic release. It allows me to express myself in deeper and more meaningful ways than simple conversation can. It also helps me to make connections between ideas that lead to exciting conclusions.”

Stewart: “I love writing because it allows me to gain a more in-depth understanding of what I write about. As I write, I make connections and applications to knowledge I didn’t know I had.”

So why do you love to write? Tweet your thoughts to @wfuwritingctr.

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