Wake Up to Poetry Part 2

Yesterday we shared a winning poem from our tutor Bailey. Today we are sharing the 2nd place poem from another tutor, Alex M!

“Last year, my undergraduate university inaugurated a new president. As part of the week-long celebration of the event, I was asked (along with one of my peers and some of my professors) to write a poem on the theme of “celebration” and read the finished product at a special poetry reading. I was both excited and daunted by the task, but this is the poem that I came up with. I wanted to write something that looked at the more subtle aspects of celebration, poetry as¬†celebration, and language as a creative force. The poem eventually became a meditation on Emily Dickinson’s well-known poem “The Brain–is wider than the Sky–“, which also traces the distinction between poetry as a subtle art and an immense potentiality. Although I was initially happy with the poem I wrote last year, I revised the final lines before submitting it to the contest, and I’m much happier with what the poem is now.”2ndPlace_Muller_The Syllable-page-001


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