Take a Break!

Posted on: May 5, 2014


We don’t have to tell you that studying for exams is hard work. But did you know that you should be taking study breaks? According to a recent article in the New York Times,  “A growing body of evidence shows that taking regular breaks from mental tasks improves productivity and creativity — and that skipping breaks can lead to stress and exhaustion.” You should be taking a 10 minute break for every 40-90 minutes spent working.

So, you’re in the library, working hard, and need a quick break. What’s a Deacon to do?

– Allow yourself a few minutes of free internet time (pending you haven’t already been on Facebook the entire time you’ve been studying). A few minutes spent looking at cute cats may be the ticket to finishing the last page of your paper. And if you’re done with your tech study break, here’s some great tips on avoiding techno distraction to get your studying back on track.
– Check out Wake the Library. Our friends at ZSR have awesome things planned to help you through finals. Visit the relaxation station, fuel up on snacks, even do some yoga.
– Get a snack, but make sure it’s the right snack. Fruits are some of the best foods you can eat during finals. And make sure to drink plenty of water.
– Get moving! Take a walk, visit the gym, go for a run. And if you don’t want to loose your precious spot in ZSR, stand and do a few stretches, or have a friend watch your laptop while you take a quick stroll through the stacks.

And if you need a break from writing to get some help with a paper, visit us in the Writing Center. We still have a few appointments available!

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