Writing into the Summer

Posted on: May 8, 2014

6227748406_b4ab5319ddWith another school year behind us, and the warmth of summer around the corner, it’s easy to put down the pen and take a break from writing. But you worked so hard to fine tune your abilities this year. You visited the Writing Center, took advantage of office hours, and revised your papers. You really made strides in your writing this year!

Don’t lose that momentum!

Here’s a few ways to keep writing over summer break.

750 words a day is an online challenge that encourages folks to write 750 words a day, every day. Are you up for the challenge?

Remember when you were little and you scratched all your secrets in a notebook that you hid under your bed so your little sister didn’t find it? Journaling may look a little different now that you’re all grown up, but it’s still a great way to reflect on experiences, remember milestones, and process through the ups and downs of the day.

Search out ways online to share your creative prose and poems. Medium is a great place to find inspiration as well as share what’s on your mind.

Social media and emailing/texting with friends is a great way to keep writing over the summer. Pay special attention to grammar and word choice, even in your Facebook statuses, so you don’t get rusty over the summer.

Start a blog or a tumblr. Sharing your words with the world is a great way to try out new writing styles, and it feels great to get a comment (even if it is from your mom). Here’s a list of some great literary blogs.

It may be a fit old fashioned, but writing a letter to the editor or to your local representatives never goes out of style.

Create a petition for an issue you’re passionate about.

Here’s wishing a happy, safe, refreshing summer (and keep on writing!)

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