Inside an Online Consultation

This page is a brief overview of what an online (synchronous) tutoring session looks like in the WC Online module. Your tutor is your best resource on using this module. In general, remember that the focus of the session is always your conversation about your writing. Don’t feel that you need to use every tool or option in the module unless it’s helpful to your conversation.

You will join the consultation by clicking the “Start or Join Online Consultation” link in your appointment window, highlighted here:

When you click that link, the consultation will open in a new tab. That module will look like this:

You will see your tutor (and yourself) in the lefthand sidebar. You can also chat via text in the righthand sidebar if you’re having trouble hearing one another or if you’d like to test out some ideas for sentences.

The middle of the window is the “whiteboard” area where you can copy and paste your writing for both of you to review together. If you prefer, you can also import your document by clicking the button that looks like two arrows:

Anything new you type in the whiteboard area will be highlighted in a randomly assigned color. This helps you keep track of where you made changes and quickly see what you’re working on. Both you and the tutor can see any changes made in the text at the same time.

When you’re done with your consultation, you and the tutor will compose the client report form together as usual. You can still have the report forwarded to your professor if you choose.

Make sure you copy and paste your revised draft into a saved document on your own computer, or export it using the same arrow button you used to import it at the beginning of the session.

A record of your online appointment will remain available after the session has ended. You can reenter it at any time by clicking your appointment in WC Online and clicking that “Start or Join Online Consultation” link. This will not alert the tutor, but it will allow you to review the revisions you made and see a record of your text chat with the tutor if you wish.