Online (Synchronous) Tutoring | eTutoring (Asynchronous)

As Wake Forest students move to remote learning, the Writing Center will be shifting our schedule to virtual appointments accessed through our usual scheduling system, WC Online. Students will have the option to choose between synchronous online tutoring or asynchronous eTutoring. Read through the step-by-step instructions below for navigating the online schedule, or click the links above to skip directly to the type of appointment you want.

Policy Changes

During this time, we understand that many of you are dealing with a lot of distractions in your new remote learning environment. You may experience technical difficulties, have an unreliable internet connection, or simply be in a different space that makes it difficult to focus or have private time for video conferencing. In recognition of the challenges we are all facing right now, we are adjusting some of our policies.

The weekly limit for appointments will be raised to 3 hours per student.

The no-show policy will not deactivate your account until you have missed 4 appointments. If you experience technical difficulties that require you to reschedule, that will not be counted as a no-show.

We ask that you extend the same patience and understanding to our tutors as they learn the new online system alongside you. They’ve never done this before either!

Online (Synchronous) Tutoring

If you want to speak with a tutor over video while reviewing your writing together, similar to a normal in-person appointment, you should make an appointment for “Online Tutoring.” See the instructions below for how to create and attend an online (synchronous) appointment.

Creating an Online Appointment

Click on the time slot you’d like to reserve and the “Create Appointment” window will pop up. This window should look pretty normal. There is, however, an added box near the top:

To schedule an appointment where you will talk with the tutor online, choose “Yes. Schedule Online appointment.” You will then answer the usual questions about your assignment.

At the bottom of the window, you now have the option to upload up to three (3) files, as shown here:

Although you will also be able to paste or import your draft into the text window within the online consultation, this can be useful in case of technical difficulties so that the tutor still has access to your writing. Consider uploading your prompt or assignment description as well so the tutor can review that with you. You can add files at any point before your appointment starts by clicking on your appointment in the schedule and clicking “Edit Appointment” at the bottom of the window.

Click “Create Appointment,” and your session is now reserved.

Going to Your Online Appointment

Open the WC Online schedule and find your appointment. Click on it to open the appointment window. Here is an example appointment window:

Click on the link that says “Start or Join Online Consultation.” This will open a new tab and begin the session!

Here is a walkthrough of what the online synchronous module will look like.


eTutoring (Asynchronous)

eTutoring or asynchronous tutoring is a different type of appointment where you submit your writing and the tutor reviews it and sends it back to you. There is no conversation between you and the tutor, although you can still let them know your main concerns about the paper through the appointment information. This is not a proofreading service; the tutor will provide suggestions and respond to your writing as a reader, but they will not make “edits” or “corrections” to your work.

This could be a good option for you if your camera and microphone don’t work well, you’ve experienced technical difficulties with other video platforms, or you’re working from a different time zone.

Creating an eTutoring Appointment

Click on the time slot you’d like to reserve and the “Create Appointment” window will pop up. This window should look pretty normal. There is, however, an added box near the top:

To schedule an appointment where you will submit your paper to be read by the tutor, select the “Yes. Schedule eTutoring appointment” option. You will then answer the usual questions about your assignment. Note: You will also be asked whether you would like the client report form forwarded to your professor at the end of the session; since you will not have the opportunity to speak with your tutor in eTutoring, please indicate your choice while making the appointment.

At the bottom of the window, you will see fields to upload up to three (3) files:

You don’t necessarily have to have you draft done before you make your appointment. You can reserve the time slot ahead of time, and then at any point before that session is scheduled to begin, you can upload any files by clicking on the appointment and selecting “Edit Appointment” at the bottom of the window.

Please send the tutor your current draft, the prompt or assignment description if you have it, and any other information you think will be helpful. We ask that you limit your uploads to .doc, .docx, or .txt to ensure compatibility with the tutors’ computers. (For example, if you have a Mac and send a Pages document, a tutor with a PC will not be able to open it.)

Click “Create Appointment,” and your time slot is now reserved.

What Happens in an eTutoring Appointment

The tutor will spend the hour you scheduled for your appointment reading, reviewing, and commenting on your writing. Shortly after the end of your reserved time, you can expect to receive an email notification with a document attached that contains the tutor’s feedback.

Although you will not interact directly with your tutor, we have asked the tutors to treat asynchronous eTutoring as much like a normal session as possible. This means that the tutor will not spend extra time beyond the hour reading your paper, and they will not make direct edits or proofread your work. Keep this in mind when scheduling, as you will still need to review the tutor’s comments and make your own revisions before the work is ready to turn in.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns about scheduling, please contact us at