Today – Microfiction: “Unrecognized Literature of Everyday Life”

Posted on: March 24, 2014

1656441_10202907713350141_380522671_nToday at 7pm, Aimee Mepham will be presenting Microfiction: “Unrecognized Literature of Everyday Life” at the Charlotte and Philip Hanes Art Gallery at the Scales Fine Arts Center. Aimee is the program coordinator for the Humanities Institute and a part-time creative writing lecturer in the Department of English.

“Jerome Stern, in his introduction to Micro Fiction: An Anthology of Fifty Really Short Stories, writes, ‘Before the days of television, popular magazines regularly used to publish fiction, and the short short existed as a sort of trick form, a quick little story with an unexpected twist – something you read while you waited for your turn at the barbershop. All part of the unrecognized literature of everyday life.’

Inspired by works in the exhibition, Ros-en-velopes: missives and enclosures from James Rosen, Wake Forest University part-time lecturer in English Aimee Mepham will explore a style of literature of extreme brevity known as “microfiction.'”

For more information, visit the event’s Facebook page.

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