Why Should I Minor in Writing?

Posted on: October 2, 2014

On Tuesday, we talked about the new interdisciplinary Writing Minor. We said that interdisciplinary means that it spans across multiple disciplines or branches of learning. We shared that “Students in the interdisciplinary Writing Minor will develop their academic, critical, and rhetorical writing skills in ways that enhance their major courses of study.” And we let you know about our writing minor open house on Tuesday October 21 at 5:30 in the Writing Center.

Now you know what the interdisciplinary Writing Minor is. But why would you want to minor in writing?

I’m so glad you asked.

Well, to put it simply, regardless of the field you go into or the job you get after college, you will need to write. Whether it’s case notes, press releases, research studies, or lesson plans, your professional future will involve writing. And why not write well?

“Most people associate writing with English departments and, only to a slightly lesser extent, with the other disciplines in the humanities; they do not normally associate writing with economics and the other sciences. You may be one of them. You may be asking yourself, What does writing have to do with economics? Well, a lot, as it turns out. Economists, as much or even more than other scholars and analysts, write.” – Paul Dudenhefer, “A Guide to Writing Economics” (http://bit.ly/1ByVvMX)

“In a 2011 survey of corporate recruiters by the Graduate Management Admission Council, the organization that administers the standardized test for business school, 86 percent said strong communication skills were a priority—well ahead of the next skill.” – Kelley Holland, NBC News (http://nbcnews.to/1qphgO1)

“In my twenty-five years in the field [of engineering], I spent at least 50 percent of my time writing and communicating. I wrote internal memoranda, program proposals, letters, and technical reports and papers. In addition, I was called on to organize and present technical material to program managers and directors to obtain project funding.” – Ron Smelser, “How to Build Better Engineers” (http://bit.ly/ZoPdUm)

“‘If you can’t communicate clearly, you’re crippled as a lawyer,’ says [Steve] Stark. ‘If you’re a litigator, written communication will determine whether you win or lose cases. Even if you’re not a litigator, it makes an enormous difference in your ability to communicate effectively with your clients and your opponents.’” – Lawyers Weekly USA via PLAIN (http://bit.ly/1v13eRB)

“We have all received a fundraising appeal that went right to our heart with its direct language, touching stories, and a call to action we could not resist. Writing material for nonprofit publications, direct mail, email communications, and fundraising is a specialized subset of writing. It draws on the styles and rules of journalism, personal communications, academic and report writing, and more.” – About Money (http://abt.cm/YIduE2)

Want to learn more about the writing minor and how it can enhance your major? Come to our open house!

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