Posted on: October 21, 2014

We had a great time celebrating National Day on Writing yesterday!











We officially wrote the longest WFU ghost story and you helped contribute quite a few silly sentences. More about that soon on where you can read it yourself.

And while ghost stories are fun, an even bigger part of our day was sharing about the Wake Forest Community.

We had students share words or phrases about what Wake Forest is and what Wake Forest could be. So many of you agree that WFU is a beautiful place, a second home, and a place to meet new people and make lifelong friends. One person said that it’s “filled with talented, worked-changing individuals.” Another said that WFU is a place that brings a smile to my face.”











And while so many positive things were shared about what Wake Forest is, many agreed that there is still room to grow as a university. Inclusion was a major theme that stood out regarding what Wake Forest could be. One student said that Wake Forest could be a “flourishing community of diversity and inclusion.” Other students wanted to see a strong connection to the Winston-Salem community, and “a more prominent artistic community.”









What do you think? There’s still room on our boards if you want to add your thoughts! Or you can come to the Writing Center and see all the contributions!


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