What to do When You Can’t Get an Appointment

Posted on: September 19, 2014

So you have a paper that you really want to review with someone, but all of the Writing Center appointments are filled up. Now what?

– Get on the waitlist. WCOnline has a great waitlist feature that will actually text you when an appointment opens up. Click on the little clock button for that day and you’ll be able to sign up.










-Just walk in. While there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to see a tutor (or that you’ll have a full 50 minute session if you do), you can always stop by 426 and see if we have an opening (for example a student might not have shown up for his or her appointment or a session ended early).

– Definitely not getting an appointment? Ask your roommate to look over your paper. Sometimes a new set of eyes can help point out small errors. No roommate? Take a break from your paper, take a walk, get a snack, and then come back. Fresh eyes are helpful, too.

– Read your paper out loud. This is something our tutors often ask students to do because reading work out loud really works. It’s a great way to catch errors and to make sure the paper flows well.

– Stop by the ZSR reference desk. Student workers and librarians can help with citation and research questions.

– Have a question about a specific portion of your paper? Stop by your professor’s office hours and see if they can go through it with you.

Really, really want to meet with a Writing Center tutor before turning in your paper? Then the best thing to do is make those appointments well in advance. And a few appointments are best when working on larger assignments.

And in case you missed it, here’s a look back at the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

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