Contemplative Pedagogy?

Posted on: October 7, 2014

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Folks at WFU, including faculty in the Writing Program, are gearing up to celebrate contemplative pedagogy with a few upcoming events focused on that topic.

But what exactly is contemplative pedagogy?

According to professor Eric Stottlemyer:

Contemplative pedagogy incorporates the practices of meditation and introspection in the classroom in order to enhance the cognitive skills of students, to deepen self-awareness, and to foster empathy, creativity, compassion, and communication. Instead of focusing exclusively on student acquisition of material knowledge, contemplative pedagogy addresses the whole student, and emphasizes a balance between mind and body, intellect and emotion, and the classroom and the larger world. It also provides students with the means and the skills to manage stress and to locate a set of personally-defined ethics that might provide meaning to the student’s life.

Although this concept might be new to use, it draws on ancient practices to enhance the learning environment. 

So what might this look like in the classroom? Brown University lists a few great exercises that faculty can use to bring contemplative pedagogy practices to their students.

Come back next week for a peek at the upcoming schedule of events.

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