The Writing Center schedules appointments through a program called WCOnline. WCOnline is a web-based application that allows you to schedule your writing tutoring session online. Once you have registered and logged in, you will be able to view a schedule of available appointment times and tutors. Please read the Center’s policies before scheduling your first appointment. For general questions about the Writing Center, check out the FAQ for Students.

To Register:

  1. Go to WCOnline.
  2. If this is your first time on WCOnline, click on the link “Click Here to Register.”
  3. You must fill out all fields marked with asterisks to continue.
  4. Once all fields on the form have been entered, click on “Register.” To schedule an appointment, return to the WCOnline main page and log in.

To Schedule an Appointment:

Note: For remote appointment options (fall 2020), please visit our Remote Appointments page.

  1. Please read the Center’s policies before scheduling your appointment.
  2. Go to WCOnline.
  3. After you log in, you will see a view of the Writing Center’s schedule for the current week. The tutors available during a given time slot on each day will have white schedule blocks in the rows beside their names.
  4. Once you know the day, time, and tutor you would like, click on the appropriate white block of time. The “Create New Appointment” window will now appear.
  5. Please fill out all of the applicable fields.
    Important: During our remote fall 2020 semester, all appointments are 60 minutes. However, if your appointment takes less time than this, you and the tutor may decide to end early. Tutors will not extend your appointment time past 60 minutes.
  6. Click “Save Appointment” to make your appointment.
    Please note: you will receive an automated email reminder of your appointment and you may log back into WCOnline to change or cancel your appointment at any time up to five minutes before the start of your session. If you need to cancel an appointment later than that, please call the Writing Center desk at x5768.

If you have any difficulties scheduling an appointment on your own, please call x5768 to speak to our Program Coordinator or email