Number of sessions

  • Students are limited to one session per day; they may not schedule back-to-back sessions for different papers.
  • Students are limited to two sessions per week.


Students who are 10 minutes late for a 30 minute session or 20 minutes late for a 60 minute session will be marked as a no-show and will lose their appointment time.


Students may cancel their appointment online through WC Online at any point up to five minutes before their scheduled session. They may also call x5768 to speak to the Program Coordinator if they are unable to cancel the session online. There is no penalty for canceling a session.


A no-show is defined as a student who does not attend their scheduled appointment and does not give prior notice that they cannot keep that appointment. Students who fail to show up or properly cancel two appointments will have their accounts deactivated and will be unable to schedule more sessions. If your account is deactivated via the no-show policy, please contact us at